LNG in the World

Leading exporters of LNG include Qatar, Indonesia, Algeria, Malaysia, Trinidad Tobago, Egypt and Australia.

LNG plays a growing role in energy supply and now accounts for ~14 % of global natural gas demand.

  • Natural gas, which in 2018 was around 24% of the world’s primary energy consumed, is projected to be the fastest growing fossil fuel globally (2.1% p.a. growth to 2030). Demand grows fastest in non-OECD Asia (4.6% p.a.) and in the Middle East (3.7% p.a.)
  • From 2000 to 2018 global LNG demand tripled from 100 to 314 MTPA. Estimated global demand will reach 470 MTPA by 2035. LNG will contribute 25% of global supply growth 2010-30, compared to 19% for 1990-2010.
  • LNG represents a growing share of gas supply. Global LNG supply is projected to grow 4.5% p.a. to 2030, more than twice as fast as total global gas production(2.1% p.a.) and faster than inter-regional pipeline trade (3.0% p.a.).

In Asia, the trend away from coal is accelerating and demand for clean burning gas has never been stronger. These long-term trends create opportunities for stable sources of natural gas supply to take advantage of high demand in the Pacific Rim markets.
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