Corporate Profile

AXI LNGAS Inc. (“AXIL") is a privately owned Philippine based energy development company capitalized with private local equity and regional investors.  AXIL creates a synergistic approach to regasifying, originating, trading and storing liquefied natural gas (LNG) for its own projects and for third parties in the region.

AXIL provides the best access to the existing network of natural gas pipelines, gas storage and the vast and transparent gas market located in Western Canada and/or Australasia.

As a private and independent company, AXI LNGAS  Inc  provides opportunities within the global LNG industry to pursue additional projects associated with storage, transport, trading, city gas, petrochemical and power generation.

AXIL is a complete "life-cyle" project developer and acts as a principal stakeholder of energy infrastructure projects, with focus on the domestic utilization of clean, environmentally friendly and efficient natural gas:

·        Originates and develops energy infrastructure projects and takes them to financial closing

·        Provides development capital and takes ownership of the projects

·        AXIL is not offering consultancy services but its own "in house" financial, technical and commercial
   business development expertise and relationship coverage

AXIL acts commercially:

·        Seeks market-based risk-adjusted returns

·        Development timeline is a top priority - bring financiable projects to commercial operations as soon as possible

AXIL puts development capital at risk:

·        Takes on risk and loss associated with unsuccessful project development works

·        Initial funding to AXILNGAS  is provided by the local principals

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